Why Your Business Needs Custom Shipping Crates


If you are a product fulfillment business, you'll do a lot of shipping. One of the things that many businesses underestimate is the importance of the containers that they use for their shipping services. One of the things that you should think about is the benefit of investing in custom shipping crates for your company. If you've never considered this type of container in the past, here's a look at some of the reasons why it's a great investment.


One of the most obvious benefits of investing in custom shipping crates is the branding aspect. When you use custom shipping crates, you can have your company's logo and brand message printed clearly on the crates. You may even opt to have the crates colored so that they match your company's colors. 

All of these things will make your shipping crates more attention-grabbing, improving your brand visibility everywhere that your crates are delivered. You'll find that using custom shipping crates that are clearly branded for your business will help you to expand your marketing reach far beyond what you may have with your current marketing programs.

Better Protection

Especially if you're shipping any goods that are vulnerable to damage, ensuring that your shipments are protected is essential. Even though you can fill standard shipping crates with packing materials and take steps to keep things safe, it's never going to be the same as having custom shipping crates manufactured in-house that are made specifically to protect your items.

With custom shipping crates, you can even have foam inserts crafted to support and cradle your products in shipping. You can have the crates made to the perfect size for your products as well, minimizing the free space that must be filled to keep things from shifting and potentially suffering damage.

Saves Money

Any time you do something to reduce your product loss, as you would through minimizing any damage in shipping, you're improving your bottom line. When you use custom shipping crates to protect your products in transit, you won't experience near as much inventory reduction due to damage, which saves your company substantially over the long term. If you're looking for an investment that's going to help you save money, custom shipping crates can do that.

Better For The Environment

Consumers and businesses alike are recognizing the importance of protecting the environment. One of the things that businesses can do to set themselves apart as environmentally friendly is opting for custom shipping crates that are crafted entirely from recyclable and renewable materials. The less impact you have on the environment, the more favorable many consumers will view your business. Use your shipping crates as an opportunity to brand your company's belief in protecting the environment.

These are a few of the reasons why you should consider custom shipping crates for your business. Talk with a provider near you today for more help.


23 July 2021

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