How To Properly Work With A Dimensional Inspection Lab When Making Aerospace Parts


Aerospace parts typically have unique attributes because of the extreme conditions they're exposed to. If you have plans of making these parts, you'll need to rely on dimensional inspection laboratories so that you have all the analysis you need to make proper improvements. These steps can make working with these labs a much easier process overall.

Decide Between Individual and Group Part Inspection

You have two approaches to how dimensional inspection labs can conduct this special analysis: individual and group part inspections. It's a good idea to make up your mind which path you're taking so that you can get accurate quotes and dimensional analysis can be set up properly.

Going the individual route may be necessary if you're just starting off the process of designing aerospace parts. You need to test your ideas and see where adjustments are necessary. Whereas if you've gotten far into the design process for aerospace parts and have multiple designs, having a bunch of components analyzed from a dimensional aspect may serve your needs better.

Figure Out if Rush Services are Appropriate or Not

Every dimensional inspection lab today has a certain amount of equipment and technicians that can carry out this type of analysis on your aerospace parts. Some labs are able to provide rush services, and then others aren't. You want to determine if these rush (faster) services are relevant.

That depends on the timeline of your aerospace development. If you don't have a lot of time, it may be a good idea to go the rush order route so that the turnaround time for dimensional analysis isn't long at all. 

Speak with the Lab Directly

You can send in a lot of information on your aerospace parts to a dimensional inspection lab in an email or chat. However, just so you know there isn't a chance of misinterpretation taking place when working with one of these labs, speak directly to the lab if you can find some time.

Then you can clearly state what aerospace parts you need to be analyzed and what sort of analysis is appropriate. They'll confirm these details, and that's a good way to keep delays and simple mistakes from happening.

Dimensional inspection labs are able to take aerospace parts and analyze them in important ways for your company's benefit. You won't be disappointed with how dimensional analysis is executed when you know what things to do as the client. 


2 April 2021

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