3 Reasons It Is Important to Have Your Own Dimensional Inspection Lab


When it comes to running a manufacturing process, there are many different quality-control steps you need to take. One of those quality control steps you need to take is setting up a dimensional inspection lab. A dimensional inspection lab is designed to make sure that what you are creating is what it was designed to be.

This type of lab allows you to make certain that what you are producing is exactly what it was intended to be and provide you with information to make an adjustment if the product is off in any way. There are many reasons why it makes sense to have a dimensional inspection on-site at your manufacturing location.

Reason #1: Inspect the First Product

With a dimensional inspection lab on-site, you will be able to take the very first product that is made right off the production lines and test it. This will allow you to make sure the product came out as intended after going through the formal manufacturing process.

By quickly testing the first product that came off the production line, you will be able to figure out if any mistakes or miscalculations were made and correct them right away before a variety of products are made.

Reason #2: Ensure Compliance

With many products you produce, you don't just have to worry about the product meeting the standards of the prototype; you need to make sure that the product meets formal standards, such as those required by the FDA or the FAA.

Even small changes to a product can make it not comply with the standards that regulating bodies have set for that type of product. When you are making a product that must meet federal safety standards, having a dimensional inspection lab on-site can help ensure you are making a product that meets those standards and will not have to be recalled.

Reason #3: Ensure Overall Quality

Next, having a dimensional inspection lab on-site is a great way to ensure the quality of your products. You can test not just the first products but also test items on a regular basis to make sure the high standards you set are being followed throughout the manufacturing process.

Having this type of quality control on-site can be helpful in many ways. If you create products for other companies, it is a great way to show that you value creating high-quality products and that you will always create the best possible product. If you are manufacturing your own products, ensuring quality will help you retain customers. This testing will be helpful if you ever face a lawsuit over a defective product because you can show how you carefully ensure the quality of your products.

Consider investing in a dimensional inspection lab for your manufacturing business. The lab will allow you to inspect the first product to make sure it matches the prototype, ensure overall quality, help you meet federal compliance guidelines for your products.

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9 March 2020

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