Three Reasons Why You Should Switch To Laser Cutting In Your Industrial Machine Shop


When you own and operate a company that has the best industrial machine shop around, you want to keep that reputation going. With modern tools and equipment, you can, but if you do not do any laser cutting in your machine shop, you may quickly fall behind your competition. Here are three reasons why you should switch from most of your current methods of cutting to laser cutting.

Lightning Fast Cutting

Whether you are currently using a band saw, a reciprocating saw, or a table saw, none of these cuts quite as fast as a laser. The laser cuts through everything, including metal sheets, like they were butter and in record time, too. If you have a very large order for a particular client and a deadline that looms like a noose over your head, you should be using a laser cutter to get through the orders and meet that deadline. 

Absolutely Flawless Cut Seams

Any other method of cutting leaves fuzzy, rough, or jagged edges in the material that then require additional steps to smooth out. The laser cutter does not. It leaves very smooth edges with no frays or splinters. The edges are so sharp and crisp you can practically use these edges to splice a hair.


When you line wood up on a table saw, how do you cut the wood? Usually, you have to line it up so that the groove that the saw blade makes will not cut the piece of wood too wide or too narrow. If you have a line marked on the wood to act as a guide, you have to cut on the table saw by placing the wood just slightly right of your marked line so that the saw blade cuts perfectly down and through the line. Even then, you may have a little too much material or a little too little material and have to scrap that piece and move on.

With the laser cutting method and equipment, you draw the marked line on your material or trace on the pattern. The laser will perfectly cut on the line or along the pattern with no adjustments right or left of the line to get it to cut perfectly. The amount of precision involved with the laser is such that your shop employees will not be wasting much, if any, more materials now or in the future.

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3 February 2020

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